We enable effective mobile SMS solutions through our  innovative technologies. Our products & services improve efficiency and offer many benefits to the customers.

Our Core Values have been many essential efforts and partners to our growth and success.

Our vision is to be a competitive developer of brand name products based on wireless technology for the mobile workforce.

We differentiate ourselves with technology, innovation and experience blended to chisel out an infrastructure that offers optimum flexibility in molding just any of our solutions as per the client requirements. Our team understands your business requirements with exactitude and offers you the most innovative, market leading, customized and economically sensible solutions.

We provide customized solutions and specialized services for deploying any part or full solution on to the network.

For any further questions, please contact: support@tekmobi.vn

We believe in the continuous following values:
  • Commitment to Our Customers
    We are dedicated to provide value and serve our customers.
    Our success is measured by our customer's satisfaction.
  • Commitment to Our Employees
    We value each employee as a family member. We aim to create an
    environment where they can achieve their professional and personal aspirations.
  • Professional Excellence
    We believe in achieving through excellence, and by exhibiting the highest levels of professionalism, competency, and ethics.
  • Never Being Satisfied
    We believe that striving to be the best in our industry is a never ending process; therefore, our success depends on our ability to continually reinvent our company and ourselves.
featured SOLUTIONS & services

SMS Gateway
SMS Management & Connection System on many short codes.

Advanced E-Business Portal
Advanced Business Interface provides SMS Product Sale and Distribution to every enterprises, organizations.

Online Job Portal
Providing for every companies a Direct & Effective Online Recruitment on TuyenDung.com.

SMS Customer Care & Info Search
Innovative SMS system allows to receive and response the customers' requests.

Developing WebPortal Systems & Websites, as follows:

  • Community Health Portal (www.vho.vn) cooperated with VNPT and Vietnam Ministry of Health
  • Information Portal for International Trade Integration (hanoi.tradepoint.org) cooperated with Vietnam Minitstry of Industry & Trade and World Trade Point Federation (WTPF)
  • Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (www.div.gov.vn)
  • SPT Tower (www.spttower.vn)
  • Vietnam Cement Association (www.vnca.org.vn)
  • SMS Entertainment Portal (www.nhantin.vn)
  • Children Social Network (www.goctretho.vn)