With the vision is to be a competitive developer of brand name products based on mobile technology.

TekMobi offers end-to-end solutions that enable content owners to run efficient content services for mobile phones. TekMobi mobile content and text messaging solutions enables content providers to quickly deploy, manage protect, and monetize multimedia content for delivery to millions of mobile phone customers in Vietnam.

We differentiate ourselves with technology, innovation and experience blended to chisel out an infrastructure that offers optimum flexibility in molding just any of our solutions as per the client requirements. Our team understands your business requirements with exactitude and offers you the most innovative, market leading, customized and economically sensible solutions. TekMobi 's approach is holistic. 

We provide customized solutions and specialized services for deploying any part or full solution on to the network, starting from inception stage to delivering or downloading by the customers and support thereafter.

High Performance

  • In-depth knowledge of the mobile content market
  • Result-oriented approach that can only end in nothing else but success


  • A proven, track record in cutting edge business and technological strategy and implementation
  • Experienced professional consultants
  • Highest quality, time and cost effective services


  • One-Stop for all mobile business solutions
  • Complete, end-to-end project responsibility
  • Expertise across all enterprise disciplines—technology, finance, marketing, sales, distribution, deployment and maintenance

  • Flexible services and customized solutions

    For any further questions, please contact: support@tekmobi.vn